120 Absolute Stunning Boho Bedroom Designs

Bohemian bedrooms are so relaxing and welcoming. Boho design starts with earthy tones for the base of the room. Then all you have to do is add in a few creatively selected, brightly colored accessories. The essence of boho design is an earthy feel with energizing colors.

We have compiled some of the most loved boho bedroom designs from Pinterest. All of them have more than 10k repins! These photos display the simplicity and ease of decorating a bedroom in true bohemian style. Embrace your inner bohemian as you peruse these photos. Allow your creativity to be intrigued and awakened. Design the bedroom that you have always dreamed of with these boho bedroom ideas.

Basic Shapes Reimagined

In true bohemian style, this wall décor offers the calm white and tan palette. The tan triangle shelf is inverted to capture your attention. A tan hexagon and white triangle are mounted right against each other on the wall. This unusual spacing of the shelves has an eclectic feel. Stark white deer antlers offer the perfect place to display your jewelry when you are not wearing it. Throw on a smattering of books, a pair of sunglasses, tin cans, small candle sticks, wicker, wood and ivory to complete the aesthetic look of boho shelving décor.

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