15 Signs You’re Actually In Love

Today, we are going to learn about 15 signs you’re actually in love. Now, let’s begin:


1] Physical Electricity

Are you an affectionate person? Many people are cautious with physical contact, but when you’re in love. you crave a strong, physical connection. Every time you touch, you experience an exhilarating burst of electricity. Even sitting by their side gives you butterflies in your stomach and makes your heart pound in your chest. When you’re in love, physical affection is exciting, but it also brings you a unique sense of closeness, which you may not feel with anyone else. Every point of contact deepens your bond and warms your heart, as if every touch is an act of love.


2] Adventurous Choices

Are you suddenly chasing new, exciting experiences? Are you making bolder choices and daring decisions in your personal life? Love can make us feel open and adventurous. It gives you a boost of confidence and courage, which motivates you to try new things and overcome your fears. Love encourages you to create and experiment, opening your mind to a world of happy and exciting possibilities. If you notice an adventurous streak in your life, it could because you’re actually in love.


3] Five More Minutes

Most people make excuses to avoid outings and engagements but falling in love triggers a different kind of excuse. Instead of avoiding your commitments, you find an excuse to spend time with the person you love. You are constantly searching for reasons to see each other. You’re thinking about ideas for dates, imagining trips you might take, and planning experiences you might share. Think about the last time you saw the person you love. Maybe you spent hours or even days in each other’s company. But when it came time to go, you were searching for any reason to stay another 5 minutes longer. No matter how much time you spend with this person, you can’t get enough. You would give them every moment of your time if you could. Why? Because you are head over heels in love.


4] Emotional Attachment

Jealousy isn’t always the healthiest emotion, but it is a common indicator of deep, romantic feelings. When your feelings are new and underdeveloped, you may not care enough about someone to experience jealousy. You simply don’t feel a sense of ownership over your bond or relationship. When you fall in love, your bond deepens, your feelings grow, and you make real personal investments into your relationship. Those investments not only develop a strong emotional attachment, but they sometimes cultivate negative emotions like jealousy. If you are experiencing jealousy, it’s because you’ve developed a strong romantic attachment. Acting on these emotions is not always a good idea, but if you feel those pangs of jealousy you just might be in love.


5] Insatiable Curiosity

When you love someone, you adore every microscopic detail about them. You pay attention to every quirk. You memorize their life stories. You hang on every word that comes out of their mouth, because in your mind, this person is more interesting than anyone in the world. All you want to do is talk for hours about their life, listen to their opinions, and absorb their experiences. You may have 1000 questions you want to ask them, even if you’re too nervous to open your mouth. It’s not just their words and ideas that grab your attention. You’re equally fascinated by each of their gestures and motions. You fixate on small physical details, which you find unique, memorable, and irresistible. If you love someone, there may be something special about everything they do. You may be the only one who notices or even cares, but when you’re in love, there’s no limit to your interest and curiosity.


6] Special Passion

Relationships change over time. It’s passionate and exciting in the beginning, but eventually every couple settles into stable, comfortable routines. It happens to everyone, but when you’re in love, you may be convinced that your relationship is different. Love makes us feel special, like we are the exception to the rule. You may think your love is unlike anything anyone has felt before. You’re certain you and your partner will love each other until the end of time. Anyone who tells you otherwise just doesn’t understand the depth of your feelings. It’s wonderful to feel this way, but it’s a phase every person goes through when they fall in love. In the beginning, every moment is passionate and exciting. Your partner seems perfect, and those overwhelming emotions feel like it will last forever. The truth is love takes many shapes and forms, and passion is just one of them. That spontaneous, exhilarating phase of your relationship may fade, but a stable, comfortable connection can be even more rewarding.


7] Screen Time

When you love someone, there’s only one thing you look at more than your partner and that’s your phone. In the early stages of a relationship, you may notice a significant increase in your screen time. Most days, you keep your phone out of sight and out of mind. But when you’re in love, you can’t resist checking your phone every minute of the day. When a message from them pops up on your screen, it gives you a huge burst of happiness and excitement. Because there’s nothing better than hearing from the person you love. If you find yourself constantly checking your phone, hoping to see a message from someoneĀ special, your feelings may be stronger than you realize.


8] Poor Perception

Falling in love can be a major distraction in your life. Not only does it consume a large chunk of your time and energy but loving someone also inhibits your ability to make clear-headed decisions. According to a 1996 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people are far less perceptive when they are in love, especially about the negative traits of their partners. When you love someone, you emphasize their positive qualities and ignore their negative qualities. Without thinking, you overlook all the obvious red flags and concentrate on the endearing traits that captured your heart. Your friends and family may notice your partner’s flaws, but in your eyes they’re just about perfect.


9] Safety and Security

How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation? Infatuation can be passionate and exciting, just like love, but it’s also unstable, confusing, and insecure love, on the other hand, gives you a sense of safety and security. When you spend time with someone you love, you have the freedom to be yourself and express your honest emotions. You feel supported, confident, and happy, because this person gives you the courage to be your true self.


10] Intrusive Thoughts

When you’re in love, you may struggle to think about anything other than your special someone. Whether you’re driving to work, meeting with friends, or working on your hobbies, the object of your affection infiltrates your thoughts and shatters your concentration. You may find it impossible to focus on the other things you care about. Because the person you love is constantly on your mind.


11] Visions of the Future

Love encourages you to think about the future. When you think about your life 5 or 10 years from now, you may imagine a world where you and your loved one can spend every moment together. You dream about what your life would be like, and those dreams bring you a unique sense of happiness and hope. If you are actually in love, you may not be satisfied spending only a few minutes with your partner. Instead, you may long to spend a lifetime with your partner, and even that might not feel like enough. Whether or not your dreams are realistic, imagining a future with someone you care about means your feelings are stronger than you think.


12] Romantic Reminders

Are you often reminded of the person you love? When you have strong feelings for someone, you may see them in the world around you. You notice things they might like, you find trinkets and mementos that remind you of experiences you’ve shared. This person is constantly on your mind, so you create all kinds of connections between their life and your own. Whether you want to or not, you see this person in the world around you, because they are special to you.


13] Spreading Kindness

Love can have a cascading impact on your life. When you’re in love, you feel a stronger connection to your partner, but you also form deeper bonds with the people around you. For example, love opens your mind to more meaningful connections with others. It encourages you to perform acts of kindness, forgive people’s mistakes, and take an interest in their personal lives. It’s common for people in love to build healthy friendships and rekindle lost connections with friends or family. In general, those who experience love also spread love to the world around them.


14] Undeniable Emotions

Falling in love can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Yes, it’s a happy, stimulating experience, but it may make you feel anxious and out of control. When you’re in love, you may not understand or maintain control over your feelings. Many people who fall in love say their emotions are unstoppable and undeniable. Whether you want to or not, you’re drawn to the person you love, and there’s nothing you can do to change the way you feel.


15] Lovesick Desperation

When you’re in love, you may struggle to leave your partner’s side. Even if you saw them moments ago, you’re pining to see them again. You’re constantly impatient for the next opportunity to see their face, hold their hand, or listen to the sound of their voice. It doesn’t matter if you spend the last 24 hours in each other’s company. You can’t wait to see this person again because you are totally and completely in love.

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