210 Eye Catching Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Irrespective of the size, I believe the front yard plays a vital role in our homes’ overall visual appeal. Front yards should correspond with the size, design of the house, and the surrounding vegetation. Taking this into account enhances its overall look. I believe our front yards should also comprise landscaping features like walkways, driveways, planters, and attractive containers.

Below are useful guidelines to make front yard remodelling experience worthwhile in my opinion.

Finding your focus

I put a lot of emphasis on the focal points and how they are viewed. Womanswork.com president and certified landscape designer Dorian Winslow believes that the focal point of our front yard is typically the front door, and we, therefore, don’t want to hide it. Before adding plantations like trees, I visualize how a front door will be framed when entering the house.

Using ground covers

I think ground covers add an immaculate look to our landscapes and are also very easy to maintain. This is because they’re dense and so low in the ground. Winslow suggests that ground covers can allow us to add f bulbs to our landscapes since they hide dead leaves when those bulbs bloom.

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