25 Black And Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

Black and gold is a chic and refined color scheme to use anywhere you want to add a bit of luxury. Today we’ll take a look how to pull off such a color combo in a bathroom or powder room to make it look jaw-dropping for real.

Black and gold is an all-sufficient color scheme to rock – these two colors work perfect together, gold or brass accents the timeless elegance of black. If you want to refresh this refined yet moody color scheme, you can add a bit of white, creamy or grey to the space.

Make your bathroom more eye-catching varying the materials you are using in décor. It can be black marble, black marble tiles, black wood, metal, black tiles of various sizes, shapes and textures. You can also rock matte black walls or black wallpaper with various patterns or prints to make them look special. 

Black stone and blackened metals will add texture to the space, too. Gold fixtures and pipes are welcome to make the bathroom highlighted and bold. You can even include a polished gold wall or artwork to make the space very exquisite.