25 Fun Colorful Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you love bright spaces and patterns, if bold colors raise your mood, if you feel like much color in your life, you should design your spaces in bright shades, too. We’ve gathered some ideas on colorful bathrooms, take a look and get inspired to bring much color to your life!

If you love bright shades but prefer something monochromatic, choose one bright color to make your bathroom bold. You can take sunny yellow, orange, red, pink, emerald, electric blue or any other bright color you like and add white or some other neutrals to it to achieve a super bold look. 

There are tons of ideas to bring color to your bathroom: a bold tile wall, bright printed wallpaper, colorful vanities and stool and even glass shower doors and fixtures. You may use all of them or just some of them to make your bathroom really bright, stylish and fun.