25 Glam Pink And Gold Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you love glam, if you enjoy girlish spaces, if you are all about cute décor, you will enjoy today’s roundup for sure as it’s dedicated to pink and gold bathrooms. If you ask me, I can’t imagine a better combo than pink and gold/brass, they are rather unusual for a bathroom but are sure to create a welcoming and inviting space. How to pull this color scheme off? Let’s find it out.

Pink and gold or brass is a clear thing – you can rock all kinds of pink from neon to pale pink and blush to make your space look as you want. Blush, light pink, dusty pink, pale pink will make the bathroom delicate, airy and chic, and bright shades of pink will bring lively vibes and a bold contemporary feel. Gold will add more shine and will make the spaces more modern, and brass will bring more vintage touches. You can refresh your color scheme with white or neutrals, soften it with grey or lavender, or brighten up with touches of black.

As for styles, modern glam is number one idea here – it’s will look really organic in such colors. You can also try vintage glam, art deco and even ultra-modern using bold shades of pink, gold and black, incorporating pink neon signs and other stuff.