25 Refined White And Gold Bathrooms

What to do right now not to get crazy? While we are all at home all the time and almost can’t go out, it’s high time for yourself and your home – make it a better place to be. To inspire your next renovation, we keep gathering ideas that you may love and going for a gold and white bathroom is a chic and timeless option – it will work any time!

White and gold is a classic color scheme, it’s very refined and very chic. You can also go for neutrals – light grey, tan, beige adding them to soften the color scheme even more, and brass mixed up with gold is a cool idea as brass adds a chic retro touch to the space.

You may also include some light-colored or dark stained wood or MDF to make the space catchier. Metal and glass will add more interest to the space making it bolder, large mirrors will add shine and reflect light, use catchy tiles of various shapes to avoid boring looks.

White and gold is a great color combo that fits many styles: glam, contemporary, modern, retro, vintage, modern farmhouse and many others. This is a universal color scheme to go for – feel free to use it anywhere! A white bathroom will always be full of light, and it will look larger than it is, plus light colors are always in trend – you can’t go wrong with this color scheme.