25 Trendy Geometric Panel Accent Walls

An accent wall is a timeless solution to bring some eye-catchiness to your space, to make it bolder and cooler and to change its whole look and maybe even style with just one thing. There can be lots of different accent walls: wallpaper, wood, metal, tile and panelled, and today I’d like to share some ideas on the latter ones but show you one of the current trends popping up – these are not just panelled walls but geometric panelled ones!

There are two ways to go while creating such a wall: you can either cover the whole wall with some geometric panels or go DIY, add some wooden contours here and there creating a very trendy and ultra-modern look. The first way is perhaps easier if you are ready to buy the panels and attach them but the second one allows more personalization, which is amazing for those who can’t find their own option.

Decide what colour you want – a bold geometric wall will make a larger statement, and a white geometric wall will look more ethereal and gentle yet will add eye-catchiness to space. Such walls will easily fit any space, from an entryway to a kitchen, and they can be also created in open layouts uniting several zones.

A geometric panelled wall will add chic, elegance and bold touch to your decor, and if you DIY it – it won’t break the bank at while looking fantastic. Get inspired!

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