26 Bold Black And Yellow Kitchen Designs

Let’s inspire your next kitchen renovation! If you like bright shades, if you are a fan of bold looks, I have a perfect color combo for you! Black and yellow is a very bold color scheme, even if you choose the lightest shades of yellow – it will stand out for sure. How to incorporate such colors right to achieve a stylish look?

Black and yellow will be the main colors of your kitchen and you can decide on the intensity of this combo – will you use very bold shades of yellow like sunny and lemon shades or will you keep it softer using light shades? Such a bold color scheme can be softened with various stained wood, with white and cream, grey and blue. If you aren’t sure about such a combo, you can always go black and white adding bright yellow touches here and there – they will be easy to remove and you’ll get a blank canvas again.

One more idea is rocking a moody black kitchenadding touches of yellow to it to make it bolder – you can also substitute them in case you get tired of them. 

If you choose such a color scheme, you can go for two tone cabinets, for example, black lower ones and yellow upper ones, or keep them yellow or black only. A trendy idea is going for cabinets of one color and a contrasting kitchen island of the other color. If it’s a black kitchen, you can incorporate yellow into the décor with stools, a backsplash, a countertop and colorful appliances. Choose cabinetry and furniture according to the style you prefer – vintage, minimalist, contemporary or any other and enjoy the bold look!