33+ Awesome Mobile Tiny House Ideas For You

The idea of the mobile house is already not unique and such portable homes are widely used all over the world. And what is so unique about this particular house? It is called “small tack house” and was created by a family pair from the USA. The most interesting thing, it was produced using ecological wooden materials and metal compounds on tacks. But abstracting from the unique technique of its production, we can speak a word about its full-featured design and functionality.

A small house on wheels, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in all weather conditions could serve as a holiday home during your vacation. In this case, you do not have to worry about your suburban home in winter, because the mobile home will be in the garage or at a guarded parking lot.

You can take a trip, “grabbing” with comfortable accommodation for a small family, which has the necessary segments for a comfortable sleep and rest, cooking and the ability to produce all the necessary hygiene procedures on the go and while parked.

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