35+ Amazing Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to See

Nothing casts a less attractive impression than harsh fluorescent or overtly dim default lighting, and even the most luxurious bathroom can suffer the effects of such neglect. Your bathroom’s lighting should feel natural and complimentary, luminous but unforced, and always aligned with the interior theme and décor. From state-of-the-art LED fixtures to free-hanging pendant designs and updated chandeliers, as well as futuristic light tubes, there is no limit to the models from which to choose from.

The only thing you have to decide is, what does your bathroom style say about you? Do you prefer to bathe in the warm, subdued hues of an adjustable feature, or find yourself drawn to the brightly coloured Moroccan lantern? Would you rather wake to the no-nonsense cheer of a mid-century vintage fixture? Whatever the answer, these top 50 best bathroom lighting ideas and schemes below are waiting for your signature touch.

The bathroom is one of, if not the, most oft-used room in the house, which is why its frequent short shrift is such a mystery. Why not create a space you’ll look forward to stepping into every morning, and likewise exiting each night after a gruelling day? If the bathroom is where a man cleanses and purifies, then the light he basks in is nothing short of an adoring spotlight.


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