36 Refined Gothic Kitchen And Dining Room Designs

Gothic style is a very original and exquisite one, some people would say it’s gloomy but it’s up to you how to decorate – you can make it rather bright. I love the new Gothic style, which saves the colours and the atmosphere but uses minimalist furniture and sleek surfaces.

Today we’ve gathered a bunch of gothic dining rooms and kitchens for you to get inspired. Some of them are done vintage and others are modern and sleek but they all have that cool Gothic aesthetics.

If you miss the luxury and refined decor, if you want something jaw-dropping for your spaces, choose a Gothic style. Stone, wood, exquisite works of art and draperies of wine colours – isn’t that luxury that we lack today? For those who love modern features, a new gothic style is the best one – minimalist interiors in black, red, grey and white, with striking contrasts and refined lines.

These colours are the only ones you may use for Gothic spaces, you may go for hunter green, graphite grey, burgundy, purple, even fuchsia using them for accents or for decorating the whole room. Think of rocking refined panelling on the walls and adding patterns to the ceiling and floors for creating a feel here. You may also create moody interiors adding Gothic features like mirrors, artworks, sculptures, crystal chandeliers and stuff like that, everything you enjoy in the dark and moody aesthetics. Scroll down to enjoy the pics!

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