37+ Round Beds That Will Spice up Your Bedroom

We are often too concerned about the set design principles and form factor. Innovation is not just about taking the current design several steps forward, At times it is about changing existing perceptions with a whole new trend. Circle or round beds might not be a décor idea that is earth-shattering and brand new. Yet, very few homes seem to have embraced this circular delight. On the face of it, a circle bed seems like an exciting and interesting way to freshen up the look of your bedroom.

Yet it takes both proper planning, a good bit of work and the right design to make it all work. Here are a few design inspirations and bedroom arrangements that will hopefully help you in ‘throwing a curveball’ when it comes to your own home’s interiors. It is all about adding that loopy twist!

The common perception is that the round bed only fits the classic and traditional themes. With stunning designs that world-class furniture makers now offer, such a discernment could not be more wrong. In fact, sleek and stylish circle beds are ideal for a contemporary and even a minimalist home. They work well in uncanny spaces where there is a curved wall or even a corner that needs to be utilized. Since so much of modern design is centred around ‘clean and well-defined lines’, the round bed offers a refreshing and even a welcome change.


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