41 Beautiful Shabby Chic Dining Room Designs

Shabby chic and vintage decor styles are very popular now because they are romantic and rather simple and mostly won’t cost a lot because designers and homeowners may use old furniture from various flea markets and restore it. This style may be combined with romantic Provence or with rustic for a dining room if a designer or homeowner adds some rough wooden pieces. What is the guarantee of success of such a design? Let’s see!

Shabby chic is all about neutrals and pastels if you want to add color but keep in mind that only neutrals and off-white are completely ok, and white or very light gray are recommended. Think of adding floral patterns and plaid done in pastels to make the decor catchier. As for textures, play with whitewashed and white wood, mirrors, various linens and textiles, lace and of course bricks or stone on the walls.

Old-fashioned furniture, rustic wooden chairs, real flowers, candles, wooden and elegant porcelain tableware, frayed accessories, lace, ruffles and even very old renovated furniture from your grandmother’s home will add charm. There are some pictures of beautifully furnished shabby chic dining rooms below, enjoy!