43+ Amazingly Beautiful Colourful Bathroom You Have Been Dreaming To Have

We didn’t get the memo that your bathroom needs to be plain white, simple and boring. That’s probably why we’re such advocates of super colourful and bright spaces, which make bathing more fun for the whole family. If you think your space could stand to be more adventurous, bookmark some of these fabulous examples we found, then get a bathroom designer on the phone

Whilst grey remains the on-trend colour of choice for many a bathroom makeover, homeowners up and down the UK are being bolder with their colour palette. We’re seeing more in the way of darker colours used in bathrooms to create a moody, theatrical setting but, at the same time, people are experimenting with brighter shades.

Another interior design trend that is leading to greater experimentation with colour is the outdoors indoors look. With more and varied plant life in your home, natural foliage adds a greener touch to your décor.

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