45 Cool Outdoor Lounge Chairs

If you are a luvky owner of some outdoor space and can stay there during these days, I bet you already have some nice furniture to stay there – or maybe you want to change it? You may need some benches, tables and maybe some comfy furniture for sitting and not only. Feeling like a nap outside? Then a good comfy lounge chair for outdoors is right what you need! What should you consider before buying one and what are the coolest options for now?

Take a look at your outdoor space to find out what style you have, this way it’ll be easier to restrict the number of options. Decide what colors will fit here and take a look at the materials – as you are choosing outdoor furniture, it’s better to prefer something durable.

Metal is the best idea for frames as it’s very durable and can be easily maintained but you can also try wood and plywood with special finishes to withstand various weather conditions. Be careful with fabrics for upholstery – they should be easily washable, breathable and rather durable at the same time.

A traditional variant is to choose a comfy wicker lounger and add some pillows and a plaid to make it comfier and softer. But you can also go for something more modern and original: a plywood minimalist lounge chair with a cool design, a rattan piece for two or with a roof to prevent you from excessive sunlight. There’s one more cool idea: an upholstered lounge that resembles a bean bag chair but it’s so soft to lie on! The choice of the lounger, its look and design depends on the style and look of your outdoor space. Look at the lounge chairs below and choose an option for your backyard!