45 Floppy But Refined Boho Chic Home Offices

Boho chic style seems to be everywhere – that free-spirited style of living has conquered all the spheres! More and more homeowners incorporate it into the home decor to make it cooler and to feel a bit wild and free. Today we are discussing how to pull off such decor in a home office.

A boho chic home office is a peculiar space, it’s full of colours or natural light, patterns, prints and catchy decor. First of all, it’s ideal for a feminine décor but if you want a masculine bohemian home office – there won’t be a lack of variants!

Any colours and patterns you like are ok – from white to turquoise; you will see neutral and monochromatic colour schemes more often now but if you want bolder shades, you are welcome! Infuse your monochromatic interior with bold touches like a colourful rug or a pillow or go crazy with all bold shades in decor.

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