46 Creative And Fun Outdoor Kids’ Play Areas

Summer is almost here, and we all strive outdoors, especially our kids! It’s time to organize the pastime of your kids outside, and I’ve prepared some cool ideas of outdoor play areas. Of course, the choice depends on the age and gender of your kid or kids and also on the style of your outdoor space. 

Consider what activities and things your kids love most of all and realize spaces for them outdoors to let children breathe fresh air. A sandbox is the most popular idea for the most little ones; swings will do for different ages and sexes. Make an outdoor play kitchen and a sport ground with various stairs and climbing areas – such ideas always attract different children and inspire them to be active.

Make garden tic tac toes, fairy gardens and areas for drawing or chalking; making a teepee or a playhouse, especially on a tree, is a brilliant idea. Make every zone safe – cover it with grass or with sand because kids often run and they can fall – avoid any injuries.

The oudoor play area for kids should be colorful or somehow dotted with color to attract kids, so keep it bright. Add colorful and fun toys and other stuff your children may need while playing. Get inspired by the ideas below!