49 Creative Chalkboard Ideas For Kitchen Décor

Chalkboard pieces are amazing for any type of space because they are easy to make and interactive, and today I’d like to tell you how to rock a chalkboard in the kitchen.

I’m absolutely convinced that there’s no better place for using chalkboards than a kitchen – they are so functional! You can make an accent wall to write your messages and your buying on it; another way is to accentuate a whole zone with chalkboard, for example, a cooking zone or a breakfast zone, or an oven zone.

Kitchen backsplashes, cabinet doors, storage and spice containers, even tables – this is just a part of the list of ideas to rock. Chalkboards in the kitchen are very comfy for making grocery lists, so make one wherever it’s comfy to write.

You may also attach some railings, hooks and holders to the chalkboard and hang planters, pots with herbs, various utensils and other stuff. Get inspired!

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