50+ 3D epoxy flooring designs and 3d floor art murals

Not so long ago, this method of finishing was used only by decorators, but over time it became available for everyone who makes repairs on their own.

On the Internet, you can find many literally stunning examples. Often used the 3d floor in the bathroom, identical to the transmitting efficiency of the aquarium. Often, customers choose 3d floors with an action plot and complex three-dimensional images.

Interestingly, a rather complex visual effect is simply realized in practice. You can make 3d flooring with your own hands, using two components: photo wallpaper with a corresponding pattern and a transparent epoxy self-levelling floor. A similar finish is used anywhere, especially popular in the design of kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or nurseries.

The effect of presence ceased to be the prerogative of films, gradually volumetric images penetrate more and more closely into all spheres of our life. No one will be surprised by such things as photo wall-paper and photo-curtains, stretch ceilings with a pattern of the sky identical to the present, and more recently in the offices of large companies and apartments of advanced mods, 3D floors have begun to appear more and more often. They are appreciated not only because of their aesthetic appeal but also because of their reliability, safety, and quality.

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