52 Ways To Incorporate IKEA Ranarp Lamp Into Home Décor

IKEA is a super famous brand that creates amazingly simple yet genius designs, suitable for modern, minimal, Scandinavian and many other interiors. Today I’d like to pay your attention to Ranarp lamp from IKEA and some ways to use it in the interior.

This lamp is a cool take on traditional retro lamps and it looks very modern and universal now. There are several versions of it: floor, wall, pendant, and its height or length can be regulated; and if these variations aren’t enough for you, you can always hack the piece changing its aim and look.

This makes it super functional and perfect for lots of rooms and interiors – from Scandi to retro and from kitchens to kids’ rooms. You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm and head are adjustable, which makes it a perfect piece for reading anywhere you want. Have a look at how to use in décor in a beautiful way and get inspired!

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