53 Industrial Bathroom Designs With Vintage Or Minimalist Chic

A bathroom is almost a sacred space where you go every morning to wake up in a cool shower, or after a hard long day to wash the fatigue off, and in many other cases. Its design really matters as it influences your mood and thoughts, and today we offer you to take a look at trendy industrial bathroom designs.

Industrial doesn’t always mean rough and tough, and if you think that industrial style is too rough, then mix it with vintage details like brass faucets and pipes, retro lamps and upcycled wood to get the chic look with a refined feel. Industrial can be also mixed up with minimalist style to achieve a pure and simple space – concrete walls or bathtub, glass and sleek metal surfaces will leave a lasting impression.

I love modern industrial spaces with daring signs instead of mirrors, colourful exposed pipes and even bold neon signs – isn’t that edgy af? Industrial style can be paired with farmhouse or rustic style – rough or reclaimed wood, corrugated steel, baskets, galvanized buckets and wooden benches will soften all the rough aesthetics and make it look more welcoming. You can mix up industrial aesthetics with many other styles, too, choose what you like. Get inspired by the ideas below!

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