56 Impressive Spaces With Whitewashed Brick Walls

Whitewashed walls look amazingly relaxing and calm, especially when it comes to brick walls. I think that whitewashed brick walls are great for any room and any style: from a kids’ room to a home office, from rustic to mid-century modern, they will bring texture, calmness and interest at the same time.

Whitewashed brick walls are ideal for kitchen décor as they are practical and easy to renovate in case they get dirty and you can’t clean them. Whitewashed walls will add a cool and soft industrial or rustic touch to space, which is great and refreshing for your bedroom or living room or giving a catchy touch to the room.

You may easily whitewash any brick walls you want yourself – it’s rather easy and doesn’t require much time. Whitewashing brick walls can give a different effect depending on the original colour of the bricks – red brick will look softer, the light-coloured brick will look very neutral, almost white. Such design calms down and doesn’t distract attention from the overall décor, so you may use very accessories and artworks not being afraid that they will look too much. Get inspiration from the ideas below!

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