60 Cool Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

A few days ago we’ve celebrated one of the coolest and funny holidays – Halloween. We hope that everybody has got a lot of pleasure on this day and your guests have appreciated all your outdoor and indoor decorations. Although you shouldn’t relax, because Thanksgiving is very soon.

It’s time to look for some cool ideas to decorate your house and to surprise your guests not only by tasty turkey but also by a perfect holiday atmosphere. Below you can find several interesting ideas, which could give you some inspiration.

Decide on the style you gonna rock and the colour scheme you want to see. The most popular style for Thanksgiving is, of course, rustic or farmhouse, though you may also try modern, minimalist, mid-century modern or any other you like.

Now choose a colour scheme, traditional colours for Thanksgiving are rust, orange, brown, grey, green, neutrals and burgundy but choose whatever you like, from black and white to pastel blue and rust, especially if you are rocking modern style.

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