60 Cozy Barn Bathroom Design Ideas

Self-isolation is a good time for renovations of all kind to make your a better place to live in. Barn and rustic styles are among the coziest and most welcoming, they are sure to add charm to your space, and we continue telling you about different barn interiors, and after bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens it’s high time for bathrooms!

A barn means rustic in itself, and due to wooden beams or brick clad it gives such touches to any space – no matter, what additional style you’ve chosen. You can pair up your barn decor with vintage, shabby chic, modern, minimalist or industrial aesthetics to achieve a look that you feel like. Rustic with shabby chic style is perfect and looks very inviting. Wooden walls, floor and ceiling make the space very warm. You may even take wooden appliances – that’s very fashionable. If you choose modern style, it would make a great contrast with the space itself – you’ll love it! The same goes to minimalism, which is a contrarious style for rustic.

The furniture, decor and appliances should coordinate with the styles you’ve chosen. Think of rocking metal, concrete or stone sinks to give an edgy feel to the space, wooden tubs, as said above, and stone clad shower spaces are sure to make your bathroom trendy. Go for skylights and windows to enjoy the views and to fill your space with natural light. Below you’ll find some more ideas of barn bathrooms design, enjoy!