64 Relaxed Rooms With Whitewashed Wood Walls

Whitewashed walls look very calm and relaxed, we’ve already shown you some examples of how to use whitewashed brick walls in design, now it’s time for wooden ones.

Whitewashed wooden walls are something special, they are really enjoyable, and can make any space look like an oasis of relaxation, it will be light-filled and airy. These amazing walls are cool for any space – from your bedroom or kid’s room to bathroom or hallway, whitewashed walls bring a shabby chic and somewhat farmhouse touch, or if you add some sea-inspired accessories and textures, you can create a perfect beach house, while whitewashed pallets will add a rustic feel.

Whitewashed walls bring a more relaxed feel to any room, so they can be used in a formal space to make it look softer, and they can make a rustic space a bit more refined at the same time, with their restraint colour palette.

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