70 DIY Twig Ornaments for Your Farmhouse and Rustic Home Decoration

For you who loves something rustic or farmhouse for your home decoration, the twig can be a great element to be added to your home. Not only great, but it also can be cheap if you make it yourself with the DIY project.

Even more, making the DIY projects allows you to fit the designs and the function of the twig craft with your needs and style. What is meant with needs here is related to your furniture shape and size, or your home space and room arrangement.

From the easiest to the most complicated design, everything could be possible to be made with the twig. We have some design ideas that you can adapt to. Of course, you will need other materials to make it perfect and able to be placed in any spot and purpose that you want. Check out the following images and be ready to feel amazed by the ideas. Enjoy!

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