74 Creative Yet Simple Summer Balcony Décor Ideas

Spring is in its mid and I’m sure that many of you are already thinking of the coming summer. In spring and summer everyone loves outdoor living – breathing fresh air, dipping into sunlight or moonlight and enjoying the birds’ songs. That’s why it’s high time to think how to prep your balcony for summer, especially if you have some space limitations. What do you need to enjoy fresh air in your balcony in summer? Let’s find out how to decorate the space at its best.

Yes, even such a small space (or maybe your balcony is a large one?) requires a style and a color scheme to look chic. To merge indoors and outdoors, choose the same style as inside. As for colors, they can also repeat those that you have inside or you may go for something different to mark the outdoor spaces and make them feel more special, for example, a monochromatic color scheme, all neutrals or bright touches. 

Rock various materials and prints to make this space cooler – wooden or metal furniture, leather chairs, various textiles and crochet, printed rugs and lots of plants, maybe statement ones – all that will make your balcony super inviting. A couple of chairs or a soft bench, a small table to have a cup of coffee or put your book on it, some candle lanterns or even lights for creating an atmosphere, and, of course, greenery. Plant greenery, succulents, cacti in various floor or hanging pots and voila! Dip into the pics below for some inspiration!