80 Chic and Modern Lighting Ideas that will Light Up Your Life… and Bedroom!

Your bedroom is the space in your home where you go to relax, unwind, and let go of all your burdens and stresses from the day. It is truly your sanctuary and without the right lighting, it is difficult to achieve the level of pure ease and relaxation your mind and body needs to fully recharge each evening. How you like to recharge is different from the next person, so it is important to choose lighting that reflects your own sense of individuality while providing just the right amount of light for your personal tastes. These wildly popular bedroom designs should give you the ideas and inspiration needed to find just the right lighting for not only your needs, but also your unique decorating style.

A Beam of Class

You will find yourself showered in light with this gentle and elegant bedroom lighting. Grey textured wallpaper provides a simple backdrop for dual white lamps that are attached to shelving on both sides of the bed. At the top, recessed lighting shines down from above providing more light. Whether reading or simply relaxing, this soothing style has you covered.

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