80 Unique Dried Fruit Ornament for Fresh Ambiance

In case you need to have a fresh ambience for your home decoration, providing the natural elements will be the most effective one. However, to make the decoration looks pretty, don’t only focus on the freshness but also the aesthetic side of the decoration.

Here, we recommend you to use the dried fruit. It will be unique and awesome where the dried fruit can bring natural elements with its freshness. Also, the dried fruits can be made and arranged to be a certain pretty ornament.

Talking about the fruits that can be used to be the ornament, you can use the lemon both for the whole fruits in slices shape or the orange peel. Then, you can also use apples and berries. Commonly, the dried fruits used to make garlands, wreaths, or to be the additional material for your decorative candle/lighting. Don’t forget to use evergreen, pinecone, ribbon, etc. to be combined with the dried fruits for maximum ornament performance.

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