Awesome Whitewashed Fireplace Designs

Decorative and non-working hearths and fireplaces are often whitewashed as it’s a nice way to make them look stylish and elegant, with touches of shabby chic and an effortlessly chic feel. Cover them with a nice faux whitewashed matching mantel or even go for a stained one depending on what look you want. A whitewashed fireplace is a cool idea for almost any space, from rustic and traditional to shabby chic and girlish one. Dip into the gallery below to get some inspiration!

A fireplace is always a centerpiece in any room, it brings coziness, chic and warmth and gathers people around it. But what if your fireplace needs a quick updo, how do you renovate it? An easy and elegant idea is to whitewash it, and it’s suitable for any type of hearth and any materials it’s made of.

Whitewashing isn’t a difficult technique, there are lots of DIYs and videos how to do that and there are several ways to go. A whitewashed stone fireplace looks rustic but very elegant, though elegance is often what a rustic piece lacks, a whitewashed brick fireplace brings style and coziness to the space – such whitewashed fireplaces work in any space and look nice.

If you need something different, go for a wooden whitewashed fireplace, it usually fits modern and contemporary interiors without standing out too much. Think of your mantel, too – will you whitewash it or will you leave it with stain? These will be two totally different looks and they will affect your space in a different way.

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