Bathrooms With Exposed Wooden Beams

Wooden beams are a cool rustic decor features – they used to be a must to hold the ceilings but now they are mostly faux and are left or created for decor. We continue spoiling you with awesome spaces with exposed wooden beams, and today’s roundup is dedicated to bathrooms.

Ah, bathrooms with wooden beams are so dreamy and inviting! Whether they are modern, glam, minimalist, industrial or else, with these beams they all have a wonderful rustic or barn-inspired touch, which makes them captivating. No matter if these are beams on the ceiling and vertical ones that divide the bathroom into zones, or just a slight ceiling construction (a real or a faux one), these beams will give a character to your space. If you don’t have any wooden beams, you can always enrich your space adding them for a cozy feel.

You can take these beams in rich or dark tones, in light shades or even whitewash them for a neutral touch – it depends on the effect you want to create and whether you want a contrasting touch or not. Wooden beams always give a warming and softening touch to the space making it welcoming, whatever style you have. Such a bathroom invites to soak and spend some time just relaxing and enjoying!