Bright Green And Yellow Kitchen Designs

If you aren’t sure about going for such a bold space, think of adding some zesty accents to your neutral kitchen – green and yellow pendant lamps, rugs and tableware. Furniture, curtains, accessories of these cheerful colors would make your space summer-like and raise your mood. Think of making a mustard tile backsplash or rocking a green kitchen island – you don’t need to fill the whole space with these bold shades to feel the natural touch. Add green plants and you’d feel summer breeze on your face! Look for some ideas below and enjoy the summer spirit!

Hot summers make us think of merging with nature, with greenery. We’ve already told of cool outdoor kitchen designs but if you don’t have a country house or a garden, or if you don’t have enough space to organize it, there’s a way. You can just make your kitchen sparkle with juicy summer colors: yellow that reminds of sunlight and green that reminds of grass and trees.

Combining these two colors in your home decor means going extra bold unless you are adding just some touches. You can pair hunter or dark green with mustard, lemon or sunny yellow, or go for a soft pastel color palette of light green and yellow, or try one color in a super bold tone and another in a softer one. This is unusual but such a color scheme can be applied to a lot of styles, from farmhouse and modern to minimalist, though the color combos will change.


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