Concrete Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Kitchen countertops are very functional surfaces, they should be durable, easy to maintain and as they can totally change the look of your space , they should be also very stylish. We’ve already told you about wooden kitchen countertops, and now let’s stick to something more minimalist and modern – concrete ones. We’ve gathered some pros and cons to help you decide if you want such countertops or not.

What’s so cool about concrete countertops? Concrete is an ideal material for kitchens thanks to its properties: durability, easy cleaning, and you can DIY it, if you like – that’s easy-peasy! Concrete countertops can be custom-sized and shaped to any kitchen configuration.

Concrete makes for a very durable and long-lasting surface. Concrete doesn’t scratch and is impervious to heat. The surface is easy clean-up and maintain, provide regular sealing is done.

Concrete looks great in a modern interior, especially if you have an open plan space; this material mixes with many materials and colors – from wood to Corian. Materials such as glass fragments, stones, shells, and fiber-optic lights can be embedded. If you don’t like the raw concrete look, use some finish to give it another color or make it more durable. Concrete countertops generally improve real estate value as a “premium” material.

There are still some cons, too. Concrete countertops are expensive, costing as much as $150 per square foot. Their weight can strain cabinet frames and floors. Repairs are nearly impossible and cracking sometimes does occur. Annual sealing is required to avoid staining. Look at the ideas below, decide whether you want concrete countertops or not and if yes, find a countertop for your kitchen.