Cool Shared Teen Boy Rooms Décor Ideas

The previous roundup was for teen girls’ parents, and today I’m sharing some ideas for teen boys ones. How to design a stylish and comfortable teen boy shared bedroom so that both guys were satisfied with it? Here are some tips and ideas.

First of all, find out what your boys like: colors, patterns and so on, and don’t forget about their hobbies and pastimes. What color scheme are you going to use? Neutrals, monochrome for a modern feel or some neutrals with bright splashes? What style will your sons have in their room? Design a cool modern room in the colors your boys like, don’t be afraid of bold shades as adolescents usually love them.

Go for a cozy modern farmhouse space or an edgy ultra-minimalist one, try touches of industrial style for a masculine feel or make it delicate and welcoming – it’s totally up to your boys and what they love.

If there isn’t enough space for two beds, you can always go for a bunk bed. A study zone is a must, if you are tight on space, go for multifunctional furniture or wall-mounted desks that can be hidden. Create a cool teen lounge area for your boys to invite their friends and have fun. Don’t forget some decor like a gallery wall, posters and lights and other stuff your sons like – let them add their own decor to the room but do that with style. How to pull off a shared teen bedroom with style? Scroll down to see all the examples.


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