Cool Ways To Hide A Cat Litter Box

If you want a more cohesive interior without any accents and stuff liek that, building in litter boxes is also a good idea that will make your home more harmonious. It can be built into a staircase as a large drawer, or into a bathroom storage unit or a laundry room cabinet – there are many spaces around the house where you can have a cat litter box. Get more inspiration below and hide a litter box to advantage!

Your little kitty needs a litter box but it can spoil your interior, don’t you think? Besides, a cat often needs some privacy, too. There are some ways to hide it so that it would become an original décor accent or just a cohesive part of it. Need some ideas? Here they are!

The easiest idea is to buy a cool litter box that looks like a house and put it somewhere in your own toilet or bathroom. Another way is to make such a box yourself hacking some piece of furniture or just a big box – make an entrance and voila! IKEA items are among the most popular furniture pieces to hack as they usually feature storage spaces inside, so a Hol table, a Besta unit or some other piece would be fine. The entrance can be shaped as a cat or its head or whatever.

Hiding a litter box behind colored curtains is also a good idea, and these curtains can be added to any furniture – cats also need some privacy, you know. There are various simple litter box covers of plywood and wood, they can be decorated or stenciled in various ways, and the top of the cover can double as a side table, a plant stand or a cat bed.


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