Cozy Whitewashed Floors Décor Ideas

With these floors you can easily create shabby chic, beach, vintage and even rustic styles at home, and you can use them for almost any other style – even if they contrast, it’s trendy. Whitewashing isn’t difficult to DIY and hence such floors are easy to renovate anytime you consider them not that fresh or just keep them whitewashed and shabby chic for that relaxed feel in the space. Enjoy the ideas below and get inspired to renovate your own interior!

Whitewashing a surface is a great way to add a casual and relaxed feel to the space, a slightly nonchalant touch. When everything is white around, whitewashing even gives a warmer and softer look to the space. Continuing the theme of whitewashed designs, we’d like to tell you about whitewashed floors.

Whitewashed wooden floors, just like walls, are amazing for creating a cozy atmosphere, they remind me of something beach-inspired, quiet, peaceful and shabby chic. Such floors are adorable for every room, from a kids’ room to a kitchen, and they bring such a relaxing feeling, seems like this wood was whitewashed with sea water. Besides wooden whitewashed floors you can find whitewashed brick, stone and even laminate with such an effect, which means you won’t have to do that yourself.

Whitewashed brick will bring a strong vintage rustic feel to any space, while whitewashed stone will look refined and vintage – such floors can be often seen in entryways and sometimes in bathrooms. As for laminate with a whitewashed effect, it’s a comfy option that looks a bit more modern than just wood.


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