Creative Ways To Display Your Photos On The Walls

How to display your photos without actually touching the walls? If you have shelves that take the whole wall – just put all your photos on them and voila – your wallpapers won’t be spoilt! Ledges are another perfect idea to avoid spoiling your walls. A photo rail can also help you hang what you love, and a simple wire grid is a good idea if you love changing the pics often. Your cork memo board is one more way to change the pics often without touching the walls themselves. Looking for more creative ideas? Create a large yarn wall mural that will allow you attaching various pics everywhere you want and change them. Get more creative ideas below!

Photos are not only modern paintings but also a cool way to memorize all the members of your family and the happiest moments. Displaying them on the walls is, perhaps, the most popular way to decorate your home showing off your family at its best, so let’s see what variants there are.

Just attaching them to the walls is the easiest way – no frames, no nails, just glue or washi tape – easy, fast and modern; you can also print them like in Instagram, and create a real Instagram collage. Such a collage can be made as a unified artwork, in one frame, or printed out on some cubes to attach to the wall with no frames. Polaroids aren’t forgotten, so you can make a cool gallery wall of them, too, anytime and anywhere you want, this is a timeless idea.

A gallery wall is a very popular way to dsiplay photos and pics and if you decided to frame the pics, go for various frames – of different sizes and colors – it looks modern and eye-catching, and such an eclectic gallery wall will always attract attention. Want something more timeless? Then prefer matching frames and similar photos – only black and white or only colored ones.

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