Dreamy Celestial Home Decor Ideas

Celestial décor can be integrated in many other ways, too, and accessories are number one among them as they are easy to get and include into décor. It can be a lovely moon or star shaped lamp or candleholder – a great solution for many spaces. A mirror can be also moon or star-shaped and you can create a whole gallery wall of such items, artworks and mirrors. You can find various signs, wall and window hangings, artworks and even moon-shaped shelves for your spaces, and all of them look fantastic! Celestial printed textiles are also welcome for a lovely and dreamy touch to décor, get inspired!

Celestial theme is very popular everywhere: in décor, outfits and even event décor, wedding, for example. If you love everything boho and everything dreamy, celestial décor may be a nice solution for your space. How to integrate such theme into your home décor and what pieces can you have? Let’s see.

Walls, floors and ceilings can be done with a celestial touch: they can be covered with celestial wallpaper – here I mean walls and ceilings, with celestial tiles and panels of various kinds. The prints are usually stars but you can also find moons and other celestial touches. The colors are up to you but the most popular color scheme is navy and gold or copper. As for rooms, celestial wallpaper will be amazing for any space, from an entryway to a nursery, and tiles are actual for kitchens and bathrooms to create a mood and a celestial feel.

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