Functional Ways To Rock IKEA Hol Table In Your Decor

Hol table by IKEA is a simple and casual piece made of solid wood and with a practical storage space underneath the table top. It seems to be too simple to hack but still many people love to change its look and function. Let’s see what you cna do with it!

I must say that IKEA Hol is perhpas one of the most beloved items for pet owners, they just love to use it for their pets! A cool idea is to transform Hol into your pet’s home – for a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a turtle, it has a size enough for a cat or a small dog and you can make an entrance or even several entrances in it. But that’s not all! Besides making a retreat inside, you can place an additional bed on top, you can also make a kitty loo inside, instead of a bed.

An IKEA Hol table is one of the most hacked items to make a kitty loo – it seems to be perfect for that. Rabbit owners make whole rabbit palaces of Hol tables – this is incredible! Make your pet happy with a Hol hack of your choice.

A Hol table is a very cool piece that can fulfill many functions: from a side table to a storage space. Take Hol and use it as a bedside table – it has everything necessary including a comfortable top and a storage space inside. Use a Hol in your entryway for storage and as a seat to put on your shoes, or put it in your living room as a coffee table. Use it as a plant stand or a toy storage and a bench in your kids’ room. Cover the radiator with Hol tables to make a cool windowsill bench and hide what’s you don’t need to see. Get more creative ideas below and rock this awesome IKEA find!