Home Mini Bar Designs You Should Try

A bar is a must for every party, and just to have it at home to be able to grab a glass of wine in the evening, too. If your home isn’t big and you can’t accommodate a regular large bar or cellar, a mini bar option is for you! How to organize one?

A wine credenza or a bar cart is the easiest way to store all your drinks and glasses and everything else you may need for a cool bar at home. Add a fridge for wine, go for open and closed storage compartments, some pretty artworks and potted plants and voila!

You can also go for a cool bar nook in the living room or dining room – build it into one of cabinets in your dining room or kitchen or even under the stairs to save some space. Get a couple of wall drawers and a sideboard or cooler for your wine, and prepare a working surface for cutting lemons or limes and putting an ice bucket. Add a mirror or a chalkboard for décor, try a tile backsplash or a wallpaper one and you are done! Need more brilliant ideas? Take a look below!