Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom

House plants in the bathroom have become trendy in recent times. Low-light, humidity loving plants give your bathroom the ultimate spa vibes. They improve the bathroom air quality and absorb excess moisture.

You may think bathrooms are the ideal environment for these plants to thrive in because of the humidity generated when showering, however, it can become cold when there is no humidity. So having a plant where the temperature varies a lot is not ideal.

Having said that, not every plant prefers high humidity. Succulent plants thrive in dry conditions. In fact, they rot when constantly kept in moist areas. Whereas the evergreens and several other plants grow powdery mildew when kept in increased humidity.

Plants such as epiphytes, that grow on tree barks, favor a humid environment.

You would be surprised to know that bathroom fluorescent bulbs can offer sufficient light for plants, they don’t need to be exposed to sunlight to grow in bathrooms.

So, when picking plants for your bathroom, consider whether a plant does well in low light, high humidity, and can cope well with low to high-temperature gradients.

Every bathroom has a unique feature. Determine the warmth and light before choosing which plant to grow. Below are several plants that can grow and develop well in your bathroom.

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