How To Decorate With Seashells: 49 Inspiring Ideas

Beach season is opened, and how is it better to decorate your home for this season? There’s nothing better than bringing breath of the ocean home decorating it with seashells, urchins and starfish, but most of us just put them all into bowls and decorate coffee tables or mantels with them. That’s why we’ve decided to round up original ideas of decorating with seashells, we hope that these pics will help you to make your home décor much more original and make it feel like the sea, especially if you are missing it now a lot. 

Displaying seashells in glass or clay bowls is cool but you can also use an old dough bowl or a rustic box for them, or take a cage for a very special display, you can actually find a container or a box for every style of your space easily. Such a decoration will work as a nice centerpiece for indoors or outdoors. Another idea is to decorate everything you like with shells: just get crafty and take some hot glue! Mirrors, tables, chairs, photo frames, lanterns and many other things can be decorated this way. 

Use shells for making beach door wreaths, monograms, artworks, table garlands, and chandeliers or make candleholders of them – there are lots of DIYs you may use to create all this stuff. A garden path of shells or shells put onto the steps outside will add a cute sea touch to your home and it’s all-natural. Look at the photos below and bring a drop of sea to the interior!