Inspirational Bedroom Decoration For Creating Your Own Peaceful Haven

As the most private space in the home, the bedroom should be everything that you want it to be: a retreat, a cozy hideaway, a sleek and modern sanctuary, or anything in between. Quite literally, anything goes in the bedroom when it comes to creating a beautiful space that makes you feel at ease.

Curtains, bedding accessories, furniture — all these elements play a role in creating the right atmosphere. It can be hard to decide what to do with a bedroom space, but here are examples of beautiful bedroom decoration that will inspire plans for your own haven.

A marvellously converted barn home is a great opportunity for creating a bedroom that combines vintage elements with a modern flair. The tongue and groove panelled walls and ceiling set a classic stage for a room that incorporates traditional pieces like a rattan rocking chair and farm bench along with modern touches like the adjustable table and floor lamps.  What really sets this room apart is the truly modern colour palette that melds black and a muted yellow that has an edge of chartreuse.

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