Refined Brown Bathroom Decor Ideas

Brown isn’t the most obvious choice of color for a home renovation, and that’s unfair: it’s refined, it’s warm and soothing and it goes well with all kinds of neutrals. Such a color is often seen in entryways or kitchens but what about incorporating it into bathroom décor? Let me share some ideas to show you how gorgeous such a bathroom can be!

Brown can have lots of shades to choose from, and though chocolate brown is the most popular option, you may go for various light browns, beige, tan, taupe and much more. If you are choosing a light color scheme, you can pair various shades of brown in one space, and if you prefer chocolate brown, don’t include other shades of this color. Pair chocolate brown with neutrals and black to create a super refined bathroom.

As for styles, a brown bathroom can be done in almost any style, from art deco to minimalist, and choosing the style, stick to the color scheme that matches, for example, a moody minimalist bathroom can be done in chocolate brown, and a vintage one can look nice in rich brown, and a modern space looks cool in light brown or taupe.

Spruce up your bathroom with some shiny fixtures that match. Think of introducing materials that you like – marble and marble tiles, stone and wood, plywood and onyx, wallpaper with catchy prints and much more to make your space ultimate. Add a gallery wall if it fits, go for a statement oversized mirror and built-in lights. Lighting fixtures can be also statement ones, for example, you may hang a whole cluster of bulbs or lamps over the vanity. Enjoy!


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