Safe And Smartly Organized Cat Enclosures

In the summer we are all striving outdoors, and our pets are willing to play on green lawn and enjoy fresh air and sunlight, too! That’s why today we’ve decided to share some ideas for those of you who have cats, here are some catios. If you are afraid that your cat can run away or be caught by dogs or else, an enclosure is the best idea. Make an enclosure according to the size of your garden or outdoor zone, here are some ideas what may be inside.

Try to plant green grass inside for the kitties to enjoy playing on it. Think of more plants and blooms here for a natural look, cat’s herbs of various kinds are welcome. Keep in mind that the plants you are using should be 100% non-toxic to avoid any problems.

Put various branches and seat for the cats, make kind of a tree because cats love climbing. If there’s enough space, go for a large cat tree, include some houses to hide inside, and a cat toilet and bowls, at least with water. Scratchers, toys, baskets and hammocks will make this catio a better place, so get inspired! Look at the ideas how to do that below!