Small Living Room Designs With Taste

If you have a small living room, don’t hang your head as such a space can be decorated with style! How to do that? Here are tips and ideas.

When choosing a color scheme for your small living room, take into consideration that dark colors make spaces look smaller, so it’s better to keep the color scheme light, and if you want – just add some dark accents. If you love all-neutrals, that’s a perfect idea, and if you want to add some color, go for bright touches and splashes here and there.

As for styles, you will probably stick to the style of your home but if you have options, think of minimalist and contemporary styles as they are about decluttering the space, and that’s exactly what you’ll need for a small space to make it visually larger.

As you have a small living room, remember of smart storage solutions, use window sills and functional furniture. A window sill can be even transformed into a cool seating or reading nook; the space under the sofa can become a nice storage. Don’t forget that a small space is always a cozy one, so get inspired by the pics below and decorate your small living room with taste and elegance!