Smart Small Bedroom Design Ideas

If you have a small bedroom but want to decorate it with style and using some smart ideas – have a look! We’ve gathered lots of ideas to decorate such a room and some tips to pull it off right and get maximum of it.

A small bedroom can still show off some style and chic decor, so choose your style carefully. It can be any style but Scandinavian, contemporary and minimalist are the most laconic ones, which means you won’t clutter the space that is already small. Now think of the color scheme, and I won’t surprise you saying that neutrals are the most popular shades for a small bedroom – they visually expand it. You can also go for monochromatic color scheme, contrasting and non-contrasting, or add some bright accents to a small neutral space.

Besides the bed, we all need some storage for clothes, so a bed with drawers or cubbies under it is a good idea; the same can be done in the headboard or in the footrest. Add some lights above the bed – romantic garlands or practical small lamps for reading, they are a must! A cool idea is also a bed with corner lights. If you have an alcove, a bed there is amazing as this way you’ll distinguish your sleeping zone.

Hang a large mirror that will make the room look bigger and think of several layers of light – they will expand your space, too. Add cozy and cool bedding and curtains, don’t forget of layered rugs as they will add coziness to the bedroom. Use every inch of space for storage or décor elements, and you’ll succeed in decorating a small space, which is usually considered very tricky! Scroll down to get inspired and steal some ideas.