Stylish And Cool Small Closet Designs

A closet is more often a small or even tiny space – modern homes lack space even for what’s super necessary like a bathroom or a home office, so for storing things there’s literally no space. How to make and organize a small closet when you don’t have much space for it? Here are some ideas.

A makeshift closet is a concept of an open closet that is placed wherever you want – mainly in bedrooms for obvious reasons. You just place a rack for clothes holders, attach some open shelving if you want and put a dresser next to it, and voila – here’s your closet! Such a concept is popular for very small homes and for those who love their clothes and shoes, they double as décor – you show off your favorite pieces displaying them at their best.

A small closet can be built in into your bedroom, home office or any other space, it can be a separate nook that you separate with a sliding door or just a usual one. Decide what’s important: having more holders for clothes hangers or having more open shelving and drawers and design your space according to that. Don’t forget that drawers are anyway a must for every closet – you will need them for small stuff like lingerie. Think where you place your shoes – on shelves, on a shoe rack, on holders attached to the wall or somewhere else, and think of your bags, too.

Build in as many lights as you can to make your things more visible and your closet more light-filled, and attach to the wall or put a large mirror on the floor. Your small closet can still have a design and style, and you can express that with various accessories, with the color or stain of the storage units, lights and your stool or ottoman. Enjoy!