Stylish Minimalist Bathroom Décor Ideas

Minimalism is a super cool modern décor trend, and it’s extremely popular because it helps to see beauty in simplicity and clean lines. I think it’s a perfect style for decorating a bathroom, especially if it’s not very big because such décor is usually very functional and looks great, besides minimalism is all about decluttering the space, which means your bathroom will look larger.

Traditionally minimal colors – black, grey and white – will always give you a super stylish combo, and if you tight on space, choose only white to make the bathroom look bigger. Stone, natural wood and concrete are perfect to diversify the interior and make it look luxurious, the key to creating a non-boring minimalist space is much texture, and such materials are sure to give it. Take a look at tiles, too, they are a traditional treatment for bathrooms and they can also bring much texture and shape.

With natural light your bathroom will look cooler, and if it’s possible, make a skylight or a window with frosted or usual glass or even a couple of them. Consider having several layers of built-in lights, too, they will make your bathroom look more welcoming.


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